The Most Natural Way for Children to Learn

Children learn best through their imagination. Enfiniti Academy’s Theatre Arts Programmes help children explore and create new worlds while learning valuable skills for life.

Our classes include Speech and Drama ( acting ages 8 and above ), Vocal ( singing ages 8 and above ), Dance ( modern, hip hop ages 8 - 12 and contemporary ages 13 - Adults ) as well as many other workshops throughout the year.

Musical 360

The unique Holiday Bootcamp programme that helps children learn so much more than theatre

  • Gain confidence to share thoughts and ideas 
  • Learn to work as part of a team
  • Develop empathy for others

Speech & Drama (H.I.P)

Helping underprivileged children improve their English skills through speech and drama

  • Unique whole-person learning experience
  • Getting kids excited to learn and use English 
  • Helping ignite bigger dreams for their future

Meet Our Teachers

Joanna has been Head of the Enfiniti Academy of Performing Arts for over 10 years. She has a good track record of her students winning awards and kick-starting their careers. 

She herself began her career as a theatre actor and television star. Highlights include being the main character “Marie” in Kopitiam (streaming on Netflix) and the host for “Exploring Malaysia” for BBC World News. 

Joanna is also an accomplished theatre director & producer and has worked closely in nurturing, mentoring and training students of all ages through her performing arts programmes. She has helped create a solid foundation for talented individuals such as actors Bella Dally, Jasmine Suraya, Ernest Loh, Dean Lee, Abimanyu, Mia Shauki, Dheena Menon, to name a few.

Joanna Bessey
Head of Enfiniti Academy

Tria is an award-winning performer and a popular vocal coach. A prominent vocal and musical performer, her professional career in the performing arts has led her to be a part of over 20 musicals and plays. 

Her repertoire spans popular music to musical broadway tunes. Some of her memorable work includes the Aladdin A Musical Comedy and The Wizard of Oz. Tria has also been the voice of Malay dubbing for Disney and Cartoon Network animated series. 

Tria has encouraged scores of children through her performing arts classes since 2018. She also coaches private singing classes, upon request.

Tria Aziz
Vocal Teacher
Amsalan is a writer and professional theatre practitioner. He received his BA in Theatre from St. Mary's University (2002) and his MFA in Acting from the University of Florida (2005).

His past theatre work in Kuala Lumpur includes being the director and book writer for the award winning MUD The Story of Kuala Lumpur, as well as Producer for the Instant Cafe Theatre Company.

Most recently he acted and co-directed a production of Merchant of Venice in California.
Amsalan Doraisingam
Basics of Acting Teacher

Christine has undergone years of training in Ballet, Drums and Speech & Drama.

Christine obtained the ATCL Diploma (with Distinction) in Performing Speech and Drama in 2013, and is the youngest person in Malaysia to obtain this qualification (age 13).

At age 17, she completed her degree-equivalent LTCL in Communication Skill (public speaking) and is currently completing her Masters in Communication and Media Studies by Università Telematica Pegaso (Italy).

She is known for her Dance classes in various styles such as Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern and Ballet amongst other things. She is one of the dancers in Asia’s Got Talent.

Christine Chong
Basics of Dance & Movement Teacher

Azmie Zanal Abdden is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and lecturer. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA) and has been studying the Malay Martial Arts (Such as Silat). He uses all of these elements in most of his choreographies.

He has danced and acted in multiple productions both internationally and locally – Including Indonesia, the UK and USA.

He represented Malaysia in the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013 in Los Angeles, won 6 gold medals along with a dance scholarship to train for 3 months at the Millennium Dance Complex in LA.

Azmie Zanal Abdden
Basics of Dance & Movement Teacher

Arief is a graduate from the Faculty of Film Theatre and Animation (FiTA) in UITM with a diploma and degree in Theatre Performing Arts ( acting and directing) . He also completed his Masters in Drama from the Faculty of Creative Arts in UM in Theatre Traditional Mendu. Arief is part of the Harimau Malaya in the award winning Ola Bola the Musical and has been a teacher and trainer with enfiniti academy since 2018. He wrote and directed ' Mamak the Musical' which won multiple awards including the Best Theatre Award at the UiTM FiTA KaryaOne Awards 2017.

Arief Danial
Speech and Drama Teacher