The Workplace Drama That You Want

Enfiniti PLAY! is a unique drama-based corporate training programme that helps teams identify, challenge, and change behaviour in the workplace within a fun and lively environment.

Teams That PLAY! Together, Win Together

With Enfiniti PLAY! participants don’t learn from theories and lectures. With drama-based training, it’s all about learning through experience through Drama Games, Role Play, Storytelling and Discussion. No more trying to figure out how to learn in real life. Learning through drama brings theory to life in the training room itself.

Our drama-based training allows “PLAY!ers” to see things from a different perspective and discover new possibilities. Participants experience the lessons in action, in situations that they recognise from their own working lives. The engaging activities provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to help teams address workplace challenges.

As participants immerse themselves in the activities, they get to practice the skills that deliver desired outcomes in real time. Participants communicate, problem-solve, and come up with new ideas together. This forms a strong sense of teamwork and the shared experiences help motivate and empower team members to work together for real change back in the workplace.

THE RESULT : genuine and lasting behaviour change in teams and individuals that leads to improved performance.

Enfiniti PLAY! is a one-of-a-kind training experience because

  • All learning activities are active and participative – no more death by PowerPoint!
  • Activities mirror real-life situations, so participants can apply learnings to the workplace
  • Group activities foster creative collaboration and positive interactions that carry into the office
  • Even our online modules are interactive and experiential. Guarantee success when you learn how to command attention on-screen and on any virtual medium with our ‘In The Spotlight’ programme

Meet Your Trainers

An expert in coaching English and Presentation Skills. Sandra has over 20 years of experience conducting corporate training across Southeast Asia. She holds a Bachelor and a Masters in Economics and a Diploma in Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) from Regional Language Centre Singapore.
Her wide-ranging career spans through theatre, TV, film, music, The Instant Cafe Theatre, advertising and recording industries.
Sandra Sodhy

She is a HRDF certified trainer and has headed the Enfiniti Academy of Performing Arts for over 10 years. An award-winning actor and director for musicals such as Dreamgirls and Seussical, Joanna has been a corporate trainer for over 15 years, successfully training people for all levels within a company, including C-suite. She also trained news anchors of Bloomberg TV. Her career began as a theatre actor and television star. She is most-known for her roles in 'Kopitiam' on Netflix and as a TV presenter for 'Exploring Malaysia' on BBC World News.

Joanna Bessey
He has conducted almost 20 years of theatre-based training for companies in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta and uses his vast experience. A former lawyer turned corporate trainer, actor, host, voice-over artist, producer and creative/arts consultant. Chacko is an advocate and solicitor of the High Court in Malaya. He studied Law and Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University and is a Barrister at Law of Lincoln's Inn, London.
Chacko Vadaketh
She is an award-winning performer and a most sought-after vocal coach who is a true believer in self-motivational development. A prominent vocal and music performer, Tria kicked off her professional career in performing arts and has been a part of over 20 musicals and plays. Notable awards include: Audience Choice Award for NTV7 Musical Talent Competition, Boh Cameronian Arts Awards for Best Musical Performer, Best Musical Supporting Actor, Best Vocal in Music.
Tria Aziz
A highly experienced and versatile theatre artist for over 15 years, Ghafir has extensive international performing credits, can be seen in the film Cuak on Netflix and is a teacher with diverse experience, working with students in the USA and Asia. He uses Asian art forms combined with formal training in Stanislavski / Vakhtangov / Chekhov, Fitzmaurice and Alexander Techniques. He is also the co-founder and Artistic Associate of two theatre companies in New York and Chicago whose work focuses on developing new plays and playwrights.
Ghafir Akbar
She is a HRDF certified trainer, Certified Facilitator (FINEEC) and IAC Masteries Practitioner Certified Professional Coach (TCI). A performing arts and corporate training believer with a media background that helps her navigate many different facets of the working life better. She is a firm advocate of the benefits and strength that both the arts and training have to offer to nurture life skills.
Kathleen Fernandez

Our Satisfied Clients

What Our Clients Said About PLAY!

“The activities helped us to work as a team and the trainers know their stuff and are just overall nice people. The fun nature of the course makes it more interesting than other training programmes. We found that the PLAY! Character Elements System helped us understand ourselves and others better. The system is useful for their workplace. It has helped some to build confidence and there’s a certain openness that wasn’t there before. 100% of the team want to attend future training sessions under the PLAY! umbrella.” PETRONAS | Petronas Dagangan Berhad - Brand Management Strategic Communications Division
“We had great coaching on stage presence from the coaches. It helped us to deliver effective messages to the audience. This was well-received by all levels of the audience from their feedback to us. The elements of the training like effective breathing techniques, vocal training and one-on-one coaching before the presentation brought great value to us to deliver our presentations. ” COCA-COLA MALAYSIA | Senior Manager Coca-Cola Malaysia
“ The Enfiniti PLAY! skills I will use in my workplace are the body language points and the use of the Element System to make me a professional person at work. It also helped me know how to be confident when communicating with bosses, peers and customers, using the elements. ” MAYBANK | Customer Advisory Executive Maybank Cambodia
“Our favourite aspects of Enfiniti PLAY! were the Presentation Skills, Body Language, Vocal Projection and Exercises and the PLAY Elements System. The drama-based activities are fun and the introspective feedback was a favourite aspect of PLAY! for many of the team members. One of our participants commented that they never thought that someone from a theatre background could train our team. But it turned out to be very useful for the workplace!” NESTLÉ Malaysia | Legal & Secretarial Department
“…it encourages us to leave our comfort zone but this created bonding between participants. It was an excellent opportunity for me to get to know my local colleagues in a different way, doing all these role-play exercises. After the training, back in the office, you already start noticing the difference. Great! ” SBM OFFSHORE | Project Engineer SBM Offshore

PLAY! In Action