We Are Dramatically Different

Designed by pace setters of the Malaysian performing arts industry, every Enfiniti Academy programme has the same DNA of excellence, innovation and boldness embedded in them.

Enfiniti PLAY!

Dramatically Improve Your Work Dynamics

A unique drama-based corporate training programme designed to improve and enhance corporate communication and leadership skills. PLAY! consists of :

  • PLAY! Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
  • PLAY! “In The Spotlight” • Effective On-Screen Presentation Soft Skills
  • PLAY! Team Building
  • PLAY! Inspirational Leadership
  • PLAY! Creative Thinking

Adult Programmes

Discover Your Hidden Skills and Talents

You gain more than just skills in singing, acting and dancing when you learn the performing arts. Developing those skills will challenge you to dig deep to bring out the best in you.

  • Certificate in Performing Arts
  • Singing Classes
  • Dancing Classes
  • Acting Classes

Children's Programmes

The Most Natural Way for Children to Learn

Children learn best through their imagination. Enfiniti Academy’s theatre arts programmes help children explore and create new worlds while learning valuable skills for life.

  • Musical 360
  • English Speech and Drama (H.I.P.)