Are Your Trainings All Work and No PLAY?

Do you wish your employees would be genuinely engaged during training?

Tired of trainings that give great lessons but are quickly forgotten back at work?

Are you looking for a training programme that will bring about lasting results?

It’s time to PLAY! instead.

Introducing Enfiniti PLAY!

The only training that dramatically improves your work dynamics

Enfiniti PLAY! is an immersive, drama-based corporate training programme that uses theatre techniques, that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Why Enfiniti PLAY! 

  • A unique drama-based approach that is proven to work
  • A dynamic experience that participants find impossible to be disengaged
  • Unleashes participants’ creativity, leadership and problem-solving skills

01 • PLAY! Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

The essence of drama is to speak clearly and behave convincingly to win over an audience – perfect skills for business presentation.

  • Be a clear and engaging presenter
  • Speak with confidence and charisma
  • Get audiences’ attention within 5 minutes

02 • PLAY! “In The Spotlight” • Effective On-Screen Presentation Soft Skills

The foundation of drama-based learning is to communicate clearly and to compellingly win over any physical and virtual audience – cultivating superb presentation skills.

  • Be a clear and engaging virtual presenter
  • Speak with confidence on the virtual “stage”
  • Get audiences’ on-screen attention instantly

03 • PLAY! Team Building

Team Building through drama is a fun and effective way to understand the dynamics of human behaviour and interactions.

  • Improve teamwork and communication
  • Build trust and understanding between team members
  • Encourage creativity and leadership

04 • PLAY! Inspirational Leadership

Drama-based training helps leaders use body language, articulation, and expression to convey messages effectively, while developing their active listening skills.

  • Develop leadership charisma and presence
  • Learn agile, adaptive thinking to handle any situation
  • Understand and relate better with team members

05 • PLAY! Creative Thinking 

The fun and collaborative nature of drama-based training helps forge strong connections in a group, which is essential for innovative teamwork.

  • Develop creative and innovative problem-solving skills
  • Learn how to conduct productive brainstorming sessions
  • Learn how to create a workplace that inspires creativity